Choosing An Inspector

Home_Inspection6173067Ask your friends.
If you have friends who have bought or sold a home recently, ask them if their inspector did a good job, and whether or not they’d hire that person again.

Don’t shop by the price.

Price is not the first thing you should be asking about, the best home Inspectors,( the ones you want to use) are able to command a better price than their competitors because they are better Inspectors. Their reputation and the job they do will show you that.

017-find-the-right-home-inspectorAsk your real estate agent.

Agents deal with home inspectors every day, so they know who the good ones are.
Ask how long your home inspector has been in business.
Fly by the night Home Inspectors come and go, you can be sure an Inspector who is committed has been in the business for at leat 5 years or more, they are the ones you need to contact.

Check for professional memberships, licenses, and on-going training.

Credentialing varies from state to state, so ask about experience, continuing education, and whether or not your inspector has membership in The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, The American Society of Home Inspectors, or the National Association of Home Inspectors.

inspection_fullsize_story1Compare Services

Review the written disclaimers that the home inspector will be using in his report as well as the proposed scope of the inspection. Make certain all areas that are important to you (crawl spaces? the roof? drainage? and older houses) will be covered at no extra charge. I believe that there should be no extra charge for the Home age or crawl spaces.I do not charge extra for those items.

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